About Bliss Boogie

About Bliss Boogie

Community, Nature, Dance, & Sexuality are the keys to freedom.

What is Bliss?

bliss   /blis/     
noun: perfect happiness; great joy.
verb: reach a state of perfect happiness, typically so as to be oblivious of everything else.

This exclusive event is for those who seek to fully embody bliss.


  • You want to have fun while being kind to your Bliss Tribemates.
  • Your mind & heart are open to new ideas and ways of being.
  • You want to rock out in ways that feel good to your soul & connect to the earth.
  • You want to experience safety in sexual education & exploration.
  • You are open to changing & evolving.
  • You are yearning for new experiences.

our mission

Living an authentic life is your birthright. We are here to help you along that path. The mission of Bliss Boogie is to create space for growth, combining  ingredients as old as humankind:

Gathering + Nature + Celebration = Bliss

  • Community Gathering: Everyone at Bliss Boogie will join together to help with creating spaces for people to connect and build supportive relationships.
  • Being in Nature: Promoting the therapeutic benefits of spending time in natural settings.
  • Music & Celebration: Harnessing the power of music and celebration to inspire joy, self-expression, and creativity, contributing to personal growth and well-being.