Chill & Play

Woman bound with a rope in Japanese technique shibari

Bliss Boogie

Chill & PLay

Chill & Play are two of the tents at Bliss Boogie, providing space to recharge, integrate, and explore safely.

The best “play” comes after some solid “chill” time. Allow yourself to relax, meditate, or tap into your inner child!

  • Chill Out & Enjoy a Sound Bath
  • Participate in Group Classes
  • Explore the Edges of Touch, Impact, and Primal Play
  • Yoga & Qi-Gong classes

Bliss Boogie


Mystical Joyride


Garth Robertson

Pittsboro, NC

Tre. Charles

Durham, NC

Vaidehi Amair

Santa Cruz, CA

Sierra Marin

San Diego, CA


Raleigh, NC