Rebecca Lawson


day/time: saturday at 4:30 pm

tent location: dance tent

Continuum Workshop

The most direct way to enhance self-awareness is by developing your ability to listen to yourself as an embodied being. How? By honoring a deep intelligence that focuses on sensation instead of mentation.

In this workshop, Rebecca will guide us in a Continuum Dive. We will sound, breathe, and organically move to enliven the fluid system, allowing the bio-intelligence to be responsive to our context. When somatic constraints are softened, we experience a greater flow of energy, increase tissue adaptability, and generate multi-dimensional movement dynamics.

We discover new and ancient ways of what it means to be alive. The practice helps us to be responsive and adaptable in movement and thought, freeing us from habit and deeply seeded messages of duality.

Since its inception, Continuum has been exploring the profundity of the fluid system as one resonant stream of intelligence… within our bodies, planet, and galaxy. Fluid molecules choreograph tissue structure and affect communication and the energetic nourishment that is available to us. All of Continuum’s teachings are designed to quicken and enrich the fluid system, invoking its genius to transform structure and foster the art of self-renewal.

You’ll need a mat to move on and any other supports your body may want for sitting.

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Rebecca Amis Lawson, MA, R-DMT, lives in Chapel Hill, NC. Rebecca synthesizes 19 years of studies with Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper in the field of Continuum and exploratory consciousness. In addition to being a Continuum Teacher and one of the founding members of the Continuum Teachers Association, she is a therapist and group facilitator with 42 years of extensive studies in somatic trainings, psychology, and dance. Rebecca earned her master’s degree at NYU and is a registered Dance Movement Therapist. She was a professional dance performer and teacher for 25 years.

She taught at various colleges and dance schools in NYC and NC and was the sole choreographer and artistic director of her own company.  She has extensive training in body alignment, Ideokinesiology, effort/shape analysis, authentic movement, yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonics, connective tissue massage and improvisational movement.

In her private practice, she incorporates movement, sound, breath, and experiential processes to facilitate the creative process. With individuals and groups, she has been able to coalesce psychological mindedness, a love of dance, and a heartfelt sense of humanity to open processes that are revelatory, expressive, and creative. She teaches workshops Internationally in Continuum and Exploratory Consciousness.