Chablis Dandridge

unnamed (18)

speaker: Chablis Dandridge

DAY/TIME: Sunday @ 2:00 pm

tent location: CHILL TENT

Rising Above: transforming adversity into strength

Join author, public speaker and changemaker, Chablis Dandridge in this empowering breakout session, “Rising Above: Transforming Adversity into Strength.” Dive into the heart of transformation as Chablis shares his remarkable journey of overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges. 

From enduring multiple incarcerations and a life-altering injury, to becoming a beacon of hope and resilience, his story is a testament to the human spirit’s capacity to grow and thrive against all odds. 

You will learn practical strategies for turning personal struggles into stepping stones for success. 

Chablis will provide insights into fostering a mindset of possibility, the power of family and community support, supreme love, interpersonal connections, and the importance of self-acceptance in the face of adversity. This session is not just about surviving; it’s about thriving and helping others do the same, no matter the circumstances.,


Chablis Dandridge’s life story is a profound journey of transformation and resilience. Born into challenging circumstances, Dandridge faced significant adversity, including multiple incarcerations and gunshot wounds, which eventually resulted in paralysis below the waist. Despite these hardships, he emerged as a figure of hope, love, and positive change.

Dandridge’s commitment to self-improvement and helping others is reflected in his work as an author and community leader. His book, “A Letter to my Sons: Leaving a Legacy of Love,” was inspired by the realization that his incarceration would prevent him from being present during his sons’ formative years. This introspective work symbolizes his desire to redefine his legacy and be remembered for who he became, rather than who he was.

Family, to Dandridge, extends beyond biological ties, encompassing a broader, more inclusive definition. He underscores the importance of remaining united as a family regardless of individual circumstances. His greatest inspiration comes from the concept of “possibility” and the drive to overcome despite challenging odds.

Currently, Dandridge is actively engaged in several initiatives, including advocating for housing equity for formerly incarcerated individuals as well as helping juvenile justice-involved youth. Chablis is passionate about helping families overcome the many challenges surrounding incarceration.

Dandridge’s life is a testament to the power of transformation and the human spirit’s capacity for growth and change. His message is clear: Adversity can be a catalyst for positive change, and everyone has the potential to rise above their circumstances and contribute meaningfully to society.