Steven Peterson


day/time: sunday at 4:00 pm

tent location: dance tent

Men’s Taoist & Tantric Practices to Become Multi-Orgasmic

Learn simple Taoist & Tantra practices to become multi-orgasmic & transform your relationship with yourself and your partners.

Since Steven learned to be multi-orgasmic, sex has become fantastic for him! Through a combination of tantric practices, simple taoist chi kung techniques, and a whole lot of trial and error, he has found a path to core-shaking, deeply profound orgasms without ejaculating.

By separating orgasm from ejaculation, a man can make love for much longer and reach higher levels of pleasure and intimacy with their partner.

From teenage years, many men are taught a very limited view of sex – that sex was all about orgasm and ejaculation. Sex was mostly a performance. Pleasure outside of orgasm was incidental. As a result, we program ourselves to focus on the orgasm, and that sex is a race to the finish line. Our body learns to settle for sex with less pleasure and/or premature ejaculation.

The practices to becoming multi-orgasmic involve teaching our body a new sexual response. You can learn how to open your inner gates, so that sexual energy does not simply build up in your cock but flows throughout and nourishes your whole body. You can learn to expand your capacity to hold more pleasure. You can learn full body orgasms that do not need to include ejaculation, so that you can continue lovemaking and reach even higher levels of pleasure and intimacy.

You probably won’t shift a lifelong habit in the space of this short workshop, but you will learn basic practices to get started.


Steven has taught chi kung and tantra for over fifteen years. 

He is a senior instructor in Healing Tao, has served as president of the Healing Tao Instructors Association, and currently serves on Mantak Chia’s Council of Nine advisors for Universal Healing Tao.

Steven lives in Chapel Hill, NC and is available for workshops or one-on-one training.

He can be reached here.