Benji Whitehurst

SPEaker: Benji Whitehurst

Day/time: Saturday at 10:00pm

tent location: Love tent



For thousands of years, Dream Incubation practices have opened gateways to divination, creative inspiration, healing, and community guidance.

In this Ceremony, we will help you open these dream gates, no matter your level of experience with conscious dream practices. We will connect as a group to breathe life into the questions that reside within our hearts, invoking extraordinary dreams that hold the potential for profound insight and healing.

During Bliss Boogie, we have the rare opportunity to engage in communal dream incubation. By uniting our intentions, we increase the potency of our individual requests—delving deeper and receiving clearer responses from our dreams than we might attain on our own.

Dream Incubation is elegantly simple yet incredibly powerful. Using focused intention, we influence our dreams to speak to important inquiries we hold in awareness as we drift off to sleep. The ceremony will take place near bedtime, preparing you for sleep. We invite you to continue to hold your question in awareness and to jot down any dreams that come throughout the night.

Dreams speak in the language of metaphor. We will provide basic instruction on how to work with the dreams that arise from your incubation, so you have the tools to begin unpacking the metaphors you receive. You are also invited to go into more depth with us, setting up a private dreamwork session or bringing your dreams into one of the upcoming sessions of our local Alchemical Dreamers’ Guild.

I hope you’ll accept our invitation to experience the Alchemy of the Night, as we explore these conscious dreaming practices together!


Benji Whitehurst, M.A. (Durham, NC) is an avid organizer of visionary community, organizing 200+ events and workshops each year in Raleigh-Durham.

Fascinated by dreams since childhood, Benji has explored thousands of his own dreams since beginning to keep a dream journal in high school—including lucid dreams, precognitive dreams, out-of-body explorations and healing experiences, over a period of 20 years. Benji regularly asks questions of his dreams, and finds dream incubation practices to be incredibly useful as a form of spiritual guidance!

An experienced guide, Benji holds a Masters of Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado with a focus on Gestalt and Jungian dreamwork. He founded the Alchemical Dreamers Guild in 2016, spreading the love of dreaming through local classes and initiatory experiences.

Alchemical Dreamers’ Guild:

A lover of tantric practices, Benji also founded the thriving Triangle Gay Men’s Tantra community and has been passionately building the local Authentic Relating community through AuthenticNC since 2016.

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