kelly stack

speaker : kelly stack

day/time: saturday at 2:00 pm

tent location: play tent

Discovering the Foundational Essence of Your Pelvic Bowl

This workshop is a fully-clothed, hands on experiential dive for people with vulvas or yonis.

Before sexuality, your pelvic bowl IS. Your Vagina exists as part of your body in the same way as your big toe or right arm. It is a physical part of you that wants to be known and connected with before and beyond the engagement of sexual energy.

Come get to know your own pelvic bowl more intimately through shared wisdom, guided meditation & visualization, guided hands-on exploration, and group discussion. The relationship to oneself and one’s own body is foundational to EVERYTHING. Let’s dive in and nurture this connection together!

kelly STACK

Kelly Stack is a mama, healer, song carrier, and nature worshipper. She lives in Chapel Hill, where she offers Body Blessing sessions, incorporating essences, stones, organic plant-infused oils, and non-sexual, internal, Vaginal Blessing & Massage. She also offers heart-centered group and one-on-one ceremonies for menarche, pregnancy, postpartum, and other threshold moments.

Additionally, she offers holistic wellness counseling, postpartum care, medicine song circles, custom flower and stone essence consultations, and specialty, micro batch herbal oils and elixirs.

She is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, certified Holistic Pelvic Care™️ Practitioner, and Postpartum Doula. Find Kelly on Instagram @pleasurewitchapothecary to connect and learn more.