speaker : Janvika

day/time: sunday at 4:00 pm

tent location: Play Tent

Painting for Pleasure

Just like pleasure, art is for everyone. Join Janvika for a sensory-based art workshop, using the magic of watercolors and ink pens to express the truth of our hearts’ voices. In this workshop, we’ll begin with a guided breathwork and meditation journey to activate layers of our consciousness. Then, we will play with some watercolor techniques, learning to let go of perfectionism and instead find play and pleasure with the sensual and elemental properties that watercolor paints offer. No experience needed.


Janvika is a writer, yogi, artist, dancer, adventurer, and explorer of world cultures, wilderness, and mysticism. An artist since a child, Janvika found her true art flow in 2019. Synced with a deep healing journey, her art practice transformed into a meditative and pleasurable form that vibrantly lives on today. Her passion is to help others ground and descend into the deepest core selves, which is simultaneously a form of ascension. Art is one of the doors, and pleasure, the vessel.

Follow Janvika on IG: @ladyl0tus (note the 0 is a zero not an o)