Laura Jurgens

speaker: laura jurgens

day/time: saturday at 2:30 pm

tent location: dance tent

Starting Your Sexploration Journey

This is for all sexploration adventurers, of any age, who are new, somewhat new, or starting a new phase of exploration. You are curious. You have questions about where to begin or how. You may have some anxieties, feel like you don’t know enough, or aren’t sure you’ll know what to do. You may not totally know what you want out of this weekend, or out of your sexploration journey in general.

We’re going to cover all the basics. This includes defining unfamiliar terms, practicing sexy consent, learning how to stay grounded in your own sexy place, how to feel into your boundaries, and how to navigate other people’s too. We’ll also address common concerns, and help you feel welcome and safe exploring if you’re newly queer-curious, kink-curious, or poly-curious. Guided practices will give you confidence moving forward. We will collectively do a shame release to help us all feel free to be exactly ourselves and exactly where we are in our journeys.

Format: This is an interactive workshop. There will be lots of guided practice to give you confidence and plenty of Q&A


Laura is a sex, relationship, and embodiment coach on a mission to help people dissolve obstacles to reaching their true potential for pleasure and connection. 

Laura’s practice is pleasure-centered. She uses experiential practices that enable clients to release shame, escape confusion, get out of their heads, and get into their bodies. Her approach is inclusive, de-shaming, sex-positive, and trauma-informed. 

Laura has over 10 years of experience as a sexologist, educator, and coach. She is a Certified Somatica® Sex and Relationship Coach and a Certified Sexologist by the American Board of Sexology. She also holds certification from The Life Coach School and a PhD in Biology. She has taught a wide variety of courses and continues to offer online and in-person courses on self-love, sexual communication, relationship repair, overcoming body image issues, shedding religious shame, and solving work-life imbalances that impact intimacy. 

Laura enjoys seeing clients of all gender identities and sexualities. She works with individuals and couples internationally online and in-person in Asheville, North Carolina.

Find Laura at, where you can also get a free mini-class on giving and receiving great touch.