Guy Shahar

speaker: Guy Shahar

day/time: FRIDAY at 10:00pm

tent location: Dance tent

tantra speed date

Tantra Speed Date® is a fresh new take on speed dating that combines a relationship skills class with a Puja-style “speed date.” We help singles step into helpful relationship roles, something most of us were not taught in school. 

Through fun connection exercises from various practices (such as Tantra, meditation, partner yoga, actor’s improv, eye gazing, dance) you will have an opportunity to practice getting to know someone in a more meaningful way.  

As a result, people walk away not only with matches, but with new skills, and often a new perspective on what relationships can be. Our daters say it sure beats the other options for meeting people, and our 95% match rate agrees!

speaker: Guy Shahar

day/time: SATURDAY at 10:00pm

tent location: play tent

Extended Tantra Orgasm: Pleasure Circle

Invite a partner who is interested in exploring sensual intimacy together. Guy will guide you through nurturing massage techniques, fostering a profound and healing connection to pleasure.

Please bring a towel and any items to make a comfortable setting for yourself. 

If you’d like, we can engage in 2 sessions (a full cycle) if that suits your preference.

Guy Shahar

Guy Shahar is the Co-Founder of The Tantra Institute, and the originator of Tantra Speed Date®.  A Level 5 Elite Certified Tantra Educator, he has studied a broad range of modalities including Tantra, BDSM, Orgasmic Meditation, ISTA, Morehouse, Quodoushka and others.

A writer, entrepreneur, former filmmaker, and musician, Guy is attuned not only to his personal journey in being a more interconnected lover, but about how to teach others to do the same.

Through his work with Tantra Speed Date®, he helps to heal the rift between the masculine and feminine, showing singles how to relate to each other in a new and loving way.  Over 600 Tantra Speed Date® events have occurred in 40+ cities, including internationally in the UK, The Netherlands and Canada since 2017.

With numerous television appearances as well as features in Playboy, Cosmopolitan, Time Out New York, San Francisco Chronicle, The Sunday Times, and the New Yorker, The Tantra Institute has presented over 3,000 workshops in 40+ cities, led by 30+ facilitators, serving more than 70,000 students.

His decades of real-world experience, combined with inner work to move through personal trauma, has established him at the forefront of sacred sexuality and intimacy.

Guy speaks, teaches, and coaches in New York and around the world, and has appeared at The Open Center, Dark Odyssey, and Burning Man, and has taught teacher-training with Charles Muir, and other events and festivals. Guy most enjoys helping singles and couples have more intimacy, connection, and pleasure in their sex and relationships.