Garth Robertson

speaker: garth robertson

DAY/TIME: friday at 12:00 pm

tent location: dance tent

discover the wonders of sound healing

Discover the Wonders of Sound Healing with Garth: A Transformative Experience

Embark on an enlightening journey with Garth as he unveils the mesmerizing world of sound healing. Gain a deep understanding of the body’s physical responses during a sound bath and how vibrations can trigger our natural healing capacities. Through live demonstrations, Garth will introduce you to the instruments he employs in his practice, offering you a glimpse into the magical world of sound healing.

Explore the intricacies of sound’s impact on your body, mind, and spirit. Witness firsthand the enchanting effects of specially chosen instruments as they create a symphony of healing vibrations. If you’re eager to dive in, you might even have the chance to experiment with these instruments under Garth’s expert guidance.

Leave with a newfound appreciation for the potential of sound healing and practical knowledge to integrate it into your daily life. Connect with a community of kindred spirits and bask in the positive energy of this unique experience. Join us in this captivating exploration of the fusion of science and spirituality, where sound becomes a key to unlocking your innate healing potential. Don’t miss this opportunity to be inspired and transformed by the power of sound and vibration.


Garth had been making music and using sound as a modality for self healing for over 20 years. Throughout his journey, he had been received the message that sound can be used for physical, mental & spiritual healing.   

Song can do more than excite the nervous system with danceable energy or revisit a cherished memory; it can be used to help move energy through the body and alleviate stagnation and blockage.  

A meditative trip to Peru solidified his decision of stepping onto this path. There was much time to sit with his thoughts in the jungle, and they always came back to offering this service. During this time he was able to observe and learn from the healing work of a strong linage of Curanderos that heal with sound.