speaker: kennedy


tent location: The play tent

tarot for play workshop

Are you feeling stuck in your intimate life? Perhaps things have become routine, leaving you disconnected or distracted. If expressing your desires feels daunting, consider turning to tarot for a more playful approach. This ancient tool can infuse spirituality, playfulness, and sensuality into your experiences. 

Whether on your own, with a partner, or in a close-knit community, tarot offers a unique way to inspire a meaningful and blissful connection. 

During our workshop we will create sacred space, talk about a few consent and magic practices, and then pull cards to brainstorm ideas of playful or sensual rituals to do when they come up. Maybe even practice a few! 


Kennedy is a traveling Intuitive Tarot practitioner. She has been studying the cards for over ten years. She loves to read and teach about the Tarot, you may have seen her in healing arts right here at Shakori slinging cards!

Besides tarot she loves to commune with plants, flowers and her pup, Atlas. She is looking forward to connecting with folks at Bliss Boogie and laughing a lot all weekend!