Naema and Taylor

speakers: NAEMA & Taylor

DAY/TIME: friday @ 10:00pm

tent location: play Tent

activating the erotic sacred partnership

This workshop is for any couple who wants to feel erotically inspired AND connected on a deep energetic level. (In a playful, grounded and fun way).

You’ll be guided through a ritual process that involves movement, breath practice, playing with power dynamics, building erotic energy and exploring transpersonal erotic consciousness & pleasure within your partnership.

There will be no direct genital touch and no nudity in this workshop. Couples of all genders & sexual orientations are welcome and celebrated. Long-term relationships and new relationships are welcomed & celebrated too. The only thing you need is to arrive with someone you want to deepen in erotic aliveness with. (Please do not show up by yourself looking for a partner).

It’ll be delicious, and it’s our intention for you to leave the workshop feeling sexy, inspired, connected and full of embodied juicy goodness.

naema & taylor

Naema and Taylor are partners & lovers who’ve been practicing the art of sex, spirit, intimacy & consciousness both personally and professionally for many years. As a couple they’re committed to doing the work it takes to make a long-term relationship thrive. And as individuals they both work full time to help people experience the best sex & relationship lives possible.

Naema is a Women’s Pelvic Specialist and Somatic Sex Coach – helping women to overcome pain, numbness & disconnection to their sexuality so they can feel more pleasure, sensation, and live erotically confident. She is devoted to science and spirit, weaving body physiology, somatic practice & Tantric principles and into her sessions and teachings. Her mission is to help women live the life of their highest liberation and erotic power. Find out more here:

Taylor helps men create sex lives full of integrity, power, connection and deep multi-orgasmic pleasure. He’s a certified sexologist and full time sex coach/educator who merges the worlds of eastern esoteric wisdom with western practicality. He is devoted to creating a new world of healthy & thriving masculine sexuality that uplifts and supports all humans.

He’s a host of the Sex Upgraded podcast, and he regularly hosts classes and groups for men who want to improve their sex lives. You can find out more at his website here: